IECEE CB Scheme Certification

QIMA offers certification under the CB Scheme (IECEE CB Scheme) for a variety of electrical appliances, office equipment and household goods.

CB Scheme Certification

The CB Scheme (“IECEE CB” or “Scheme of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment”) is an international scheme for mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates covering the safety of electrical and electronic equipment, devices and components. It was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) to help manufacturers streamline the process of obtaining national safety certifications for their products in different markets. Today, CB Scheme certification is recognized in more than 50 participating countries.

QIMA is one of the nine National Certification Bodies (NCB) in Germany, and operates accredited CB testing laboratories (CBTL) in Hamburg, Germany and Shanghai, China.

We are authorized to carry out the entire CB certification procedure for the following product groups:

  • Household (HOUS)

  • Information Technology Audio Video (ITAV)

  • Luminaires (LITE)

  • IT and office equipment (OFF)

  • Entertainment electronics (TRON)

  • Tools (TOOL)

  • Safety transformers (SAFE)

How CB Scheme Certification is Conducted

  • Manufacturer applies for a CB test certificate to a National Certification Body (NCB), such as QIMA;

  • The NCB works with one of their accredited CBTLs to conduct all tests necessary to determine whether the product satisfies the requirements of the relevant IECEE standard;

  • If the product is found to be in conformance with the applicable standard, the manufacturer is issued a CB Test Report and a CB Test Certificate.

Certification under the CB Scheme greatly streamlines the process of getting your product certified for multiple national markets, and eliminates the need for duplicate certification. If you want to market a CB Scheme certified product in one of the 50+ countries that recognize the CB Scheme, you can simply submit your CB Test Report and a CB Test Certificate to a NCB in your target market, and obtain additional certification according to a much simplified procedure.

To access the our certification database, please click here.

Why Do You Need CB Scheme Certification?

  • Obtain certification recognized in over 50 countries

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for duplicate certification

  • Demonstrate product safety and quality

  • Give your consumers confidence in your product

  • Improve your brand’s standing globally

  • Gain a competitive edge

Why Choose QIMA for CB Scheme Certification

  • A certification team with over 35 years of experience

  • Professional auditors and inspectors with expertise in all areas of quality and safety specific to electrical and technical equipment

  • Technical experts and electrical engineers who understand the latest regulations and market trends

  • Trusted by 3,000+ clients with global consumer product supply chains

  • Global reach: our team of 2,500+ qualified inspectors and auditors performs services in 95 countries