SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ Certification

QIMA, through Hansecontrol, offers certification under our SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ program to help footwear brands and manufacturers improve their production and chemical management on a step-by-step basis.

SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ Certification

Today’s consumers increasingly demand ethically sourced footwear – and they want confirmation that products they buy have been manufactured with the use of sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

The SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ program was designed by QIMA-Hansecontrol chemical management specialists to help footwear suppliers, brands and retailers improve chemical management in their supply chain and implement step-by-step corrective action in their production practices. In addition to providing your consumers with assurance that your footwear is safe and sustainable, the SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ program directly contributes to better chemical management knowledge and skills in the footwear industry, through targeted workshops and supplier training.

How is the SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ Test Mark Awarded?

The SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ certification mark represents that your product and production process have been tested for harmful substances, and the production environment has been checked for the use of hazardous chemicals.

The SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ certification follows a two-stage system:

Level 1: SafeShoe Certification

  • Chemical testing for compliance with the minimum requirements of the SafeShoe program:

    • Preliminary testing of raw materials

    • Sampling from ongoing production at 20-30% completion

    • Testing of finished products

  • Certification by Hansecontrol Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH in Hamburg

Level 2: SafeShoe+ Certification

  • All Level 1 (SafeShoe) requirements met

  • Chemical management workshop at the main materials production sites

  • On-site assessment and training at the production site

  • Implementing necessary corrective action within the production cycle (according to a coordinated time schedule)

  • Annual reassessment to confirm corrective actions implemented

  • Wastewater/sludge tests (ZDHC compliance)

  • Certification by Hansecontrol Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH in Hamburg

To access the our certification database, please click here.

Why Obtain SafeShoe/SafeShoe+ Certification for Your Product / Production Site?

  • Increased confidence in your brand

  • Greater supply chain visibility and transparency

  • Professional chemical management training for production sites

  • Continuous improvement of chemical management in your supply chain, contributing to:

    • Improved health and safety conditions

    • Reduced environmental impact

    • Superior product quality

    • More effective production processes

    • Potential cost reduction

Why Choose QIMA-Hansecontrol for Testing and Quality Assurance

  • A certification team with over 35 years of experience

  • Professional auditors and inspectors specialized by product and industry

  • Trusted by 3,000+ clients with global consumer product supply chains

  • Global reach: our team of 2,500+ qualified inspectors and auditors performs services in 85 countries