Our smart and collaborative software platform that digitizes quality and compliance for brands, retailers, importers and manufacturers.
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QIMAone is a digital platform that connects buyers to their supply network to monitor and improve product quality, increase supply chain visibility, and reduce operational inefficiencies.

QIMAone is designed for the entire supply chain network:

  • To help quality teams streamline processes that ultimately improve product quality
  • To provide supply chain visibility to CSR teams for greater transparency
  • To help factory managers better meet their client’s standards
  • To enable inspectors to perform more efficient inspections

What Features Can QIMAone Offer Your Business?


QIMAone provides you with the tools to empower your supply chain partners through:

  • An intuitive and powerful mobile app that creates efficiency and standardizes processes
  • Real-time collaboration using centralized live chat communication
  • Interactive reporting with corrective action plans for faster and more informed decision making
  • Actionable analytics such as performance tracking, risk radar and supply chain mapping
  • Automated assignment of inspections based on location, product expertise and schedules
  • Fast booking of certified QIMA inspectors in case of potential integrity issues
  • Customizable inspection instructions and an easy checklist builder
  • A full library of QIMA’s own inspection checklists and workflows

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What Makes QIMAone Different?

  • Functionalities and analytics that you need to make decisions, based on 15 years of industry knowledge and millions of inspections and audits performed.
  • Library of industry-proven resources such as checklists and workflows that have been developed based on business requirements.
  • Extensive e-learning center to train your teams and inspectors through the QIMA Academy.
  • Real-time collaboration and messaging tools shared with all supply chain partners to foster brand-supplier cooperation and transparency.
  • Global presence with the support of 2500+ QIMA inspectors available to perform inspections within 48 hours, and a support team for local onboarding.
  • Fully customizable platform that fits seamlessly into your existing processes and workflows.

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How to Get Started:

Easy! If you’d like to see QIMAone in action, request a free demo here. Otherwise, if you have a question contact us here or simply visit www.qimaone.com.