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Get a full view of QIMA's laboratories, where we address product safety compliance needs for clients in 120 countries.

QIMA Hangzhou

QIMA Hong Kong
QIMA Hong Kong
(Eyewear Lab)

QIMA Buffalo
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  • Physical and Chemical
  • Equipped with GC-MS, ICP-OES, EDXRF, IC, HPLC, UV/Vis, Sound tester, etc.
  • Some products tested at this lab are textiles, food contact items and footwear
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QIMA provides testing to international, national, and regional standards. See all our accreditations.

Our Labs

QIMA provides extensive testing capabilities specific to our client's industry with 6 ISO accredited in-house laboratories in the U.S, Hong Kong and China as well as an extensive network of vetted lab associates worldwide. QIMA brings together a team of over 130 trained chemists, engineers, technicians and laboratory managers to cater to your compliance and quality needs for toys & children's products, textiles, general merchandise, eyewear, gifts, accessories and more.

We encourage our clients to visit our labs and take a tour but have provided a virtual tour if your schedule won't allow it.

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