Sample Review Service

Streamlining your sample review plan helps control and ensures that your product is compliant and represents your quality standard at every step of the way.

Why is having a sample review plan important?

Getting samples right the first time and having a complete sample review plan reduces time spent and improves efficiency for any business.

We have developed an end-to-end sample review service for softlines and hardlines from getting your first prototype developed with your suppliers, validating your final sample before production and dispatching shipment samples that represent your company’s quality standard.

Our specialized technicians work onsite with your factory to ensure first samples are being manufactured to your exact specifications and is properly signed-off so you know bulk production will start on the right track. 
Having a complete sample review plan is the key to launching a new product or product line for your business.

Get a 360° video of your sample

To reduce the number of sample shipments, we provide you with concise reports on the validation process, we are also the first service provider that can produce a 360° video of your sample upon request.

Sample management service plan

  1. First Proto Sample: development sample based on technical design
  2. Salesman Samples: samples based on the final design to finalize ordering quantity
  3. Fit Samples: confirm correct measurement, grading and fitting
  4. Pre-Production: technical files and specifications are confirmed
  5. Shipment Sample: random sample picking is executed to ensure final packaging details representing shipment quality

The QIMA benefits

  • Streamlined sample booking process
  • Faster report issuing
  • Market-leading field knowledge and expertise
  • Deeper data analysis and tech insights to drive KPIs and enhance your program